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Why You Should Be Advertising Here

Why You Get Results

Clermont reaches one of the largest audiences in Central Florida. Our website is feature rich with ways for your message, product and service to get into the hands of  potential clients and buyers. Our system uses interactive API Google Mapping directly with our license agreement with Google. When you list your business, real estate listing or other ads the buyer knows exactly where to find you. Buyers can actually print a flyer with all the details of your ad, your current promotional coupon, your contact  information and map all with the click of a button.

There is more! We all have friends, family or neighbors that may be looking for that certain item...clermont technology allows viewers of your ads to send them directly to the cell phone, email or fax of someone they know may be interested. We have made it so easy for your message to get in the hands of as many potential customers as possible.

Note: We do not bog our site down with videos and feeds that take a long time to load. The fact is that if your message is not loaded and viewed in less than six (6) seconds there is very little chance the viewer will stay around to see or view your ad at all. When you advertise on this website, our message gets seen quickly and at the best possible pricing available anywhere on the internet! We aim to keep it simple, clean and to the point! Not over loaded with banner images, videos and other things that we may think look nice but in reality are simply a waste of the viewers time!

Types Of Advertising

Clermont offers many effective forms of advertising to meet the budget of any business. We offer basic directory business listings, featured advertising links; which highlight your text link in bold print and place it at the top of the advertising category you have selected. We also offer front page "Featured Ad" banner sponsoship opportunities. These ad types are very limited and typically may have a waiting list. To help you reach your specific market segment we offer banner advertising at the top and bottom of each main categoy page, and sub-category pages. Lastly we offer combination packages, these packages offer you the opportunity to take advantage of a business directory listing  and banner adertising.

How Much Does Our Advertising Cost?

Our adverting cost are the most affordable form of advertising you will find in Central Florida. Many ad types on this website are actually FREE of charge. If you are an employer looking for part time or full time employe, then please post you job openings here free of charge. We will never charge a penny for any employer to post job openings in our community. When you add your listing you are given several options, and pricing  as well as the abilty to make your ad featured.

If you are interested in any of our banner and sponsorship advertising please click here for current rates and programs.

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